Search engine optimization is a critical inclusion for businesses. Visibility of your website online translates your customer’s attention to your services or products. There are different types of SEO marketing strategies however, and your choice will depend on your business needs. Let’s have a look at the different kinds of SEO, and from this, you can choose what best suits your business.

1. Keyword research

Keyword analysis marks the cornerstone towards enhancing your website searchability and traffic. The priority in marketing should encompass learning the language that your target group speaks. This way, you will be more focused to serve their needs. The success of any business depends on the capability of satisfying customers’ needs. Consulting SEO expert will help your answer questions leading to a suitable keyword. A proper keyword should be competitive, widely searched and relevant to the business.

2. Page creation

After keyword research, you should be able to identify pages that best match your keyword. If you don’t have a relevant page on your site, your chances of ranking will remain low; adelaide seo experts can help you create new pages to improve your ranking in the web. When creating a page, SEO seeks to make the content understandable, and unique. Besides, avail valuable information to people above what is in the market. The pages should be accessible and straightforward.

3. Page optimization

On-page optimization seeks to a website position in the search rankings. This involves measures such as content optimization and meta-description alongside title tags. Off-page SEO can improve ranking by linking to other sites. Optimization will guide the computers into understanding the subject of your pages and further the content. A proper SEO agency will manipulate your content to make the search engines comprehend it as well as the users. Page optimization is a darling to small businesses considering its affordability. Charges can be per-page or hourly. Slight modifications will make google, yahoo or Bing understand your content and the return on investment is impressive.

4. Link building

Inasmuch as you need compelling keywords on your page to achieve good visibility, this may not be enough to improve your overall ranking. The quality and quantity of links directing to a given page internally or externally are exceptionally vital in ranking your website. Best SEO agencies will build connections and ensure that they are from relevant and reliable pages. Don’t shy off from external linking; it gives a significant contribution to your ranking.

5. Technical audit

Technical audits using tools and standards provided by search engines for instant google will give details on content as well as subject matter. Adelaide SEO experts are well conversant with these standards and have the necessary tools to perform analysis and inform your marketing strategies. Technical audits vary about size, scope and cost thus can be suitable for any business regardless of size.

To settle on a suitable SEO type for your brand will depend on several factors including; your business goals, cost, risks involved and competitors. It is prudent that you contract a consultant availing all the five types.

Walter G. is a software engineer, startup co-founder, former CTO of several tech companies and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He has been blogging for the past 5 years and is an avid BMX rider, bio-hacker and performance enthusiast.
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