Are You Spending Too Much Money On Printing?

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Do you regularly print off documents? Many of us don’t realize just how much we’re spending on printing. On top of the cost of supplies like paper and ink, there’s also the energy bills to consider – out of all the equipment in your everyday office, printers can often consume the most electricity. To help lower your printing bills, here are a few money-saving tips.

Buy an energy-efficient printer

To save money on your energy bills, it pays to have an energy-efficient printer. Older printers are likely to use up a lot more energy – of you’ve got a printer that’s over ten years old, consider whether it’s worth upgrading it to something newer and greener. Laser printers tend to use up considerably more energy than conventional printers, so take this into account.

Unplug your printer when not in use

Your printer is still going to be using energy whilst in standby. Make sure to turn it off and unplug it when not in use. This may not be recommended with certain heavy-duty industrial printers as they may use up more energy to turn off and turn on again than simply leaving them on standby.

Shop for printing supply discounts

When buying ink and paper, always shop around for discounts. Online sites like 123Inkjet Cartridges have lots of promotions that can be worth taking advantage of. Always consider buying in bulk and look out for loyalty point schemes that allow to save up points on every purchase.

Opt for refillable ink cartridges

You can also consider switching to refillable ink cartridges. You can buy ink to fill these cartridges up with once they run out, which can save you money compared to constantly buying new cartridges. It’s also more eco-friendly as it encourages recycling.

Outsource your printing

You may not even have a need to own a printer. Outsourcing printing can be worthwhile for companies that only need to print off documents on the odd occasion. Companies like Baker Goodchild can handle printing and mailing, which could be useful if you need to send newsletters to clients – you could save money and time on printing and postage.

Go paperless

There may not even be a need for you to continue printing physical documents. Many companies are now going paperless as a way of saving money and saving the planet. All documents can be shared digitally. This includes client invoices and bills, which can be emailed, as well as employee rotas and payslips, which some companies have even started sharing via apps like Whatsapp. Going paperless may not always be suitable for every company – it depends largely on the nature of your work and the clients you deal with.

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