Could Your Trucks Use A Touch Of Tech?

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Finally being able to invest in trucks for your business is always exciting. No more outsourcing expensive deliveries, or worrying about how to extend your reach. At last, you can take long-distance deliveries into your hands. Hence why you probably spent plenty of time choosing top-of-the-range vans or trucks with the latest air con systems and safety procedures. Nothing’s too good for your trucking fleet, right?

The trouble is that, as with anything, driving is going through something of a tech revolution. And, while some new trucks come complete with infotainment systems, that isn’t the case with every model. As such, you could benefit from investing in additional tech to make your driver’s lives easier.

Of course, this can get pricey, so there’s a temptation to cut corners and skip certain additions. But, if you’re considering doing that, ask yourself whether your drivers display the following signs that they could benefit from a little more tech than you’re giving them.

Always getting lost

Continually getting lost is the main sign that drivers don’t have the tech they need. While delivery drivers once managed with little more than physical maps, that doesn’t mean this is the way to operate. Delivery drivers are now traveling further, with more deliveries than ever. As such, it’s no longer practical or even possible to get by on old methods. At least, not if you want to keep drivers for any length of time. If your vans keep getting lost as it stands, then, it’s past time you invested in sat-nav systems to help them find their way. Note, too, that you want updated versions with recent maps and traffic updates for increased efficiency.

Finding themselves in legal trouble

Trucks are hefty pieces of equipment with blindspots galore. Sadly, other drivers don’t always respect that, and accidents can happen when they attempt to undercut or otherwise overtake. In these instances, the finger of blame will, more often than not, land on your truck drivers. If that keeps happening, it’s a sign that you could benefit from monitoring technology like the Lytx fleet management software. By using video software, systems like these ensure drivers never fall foul to unfair levels of blame. Instead, you'll be able to turn to video footage and clear their names, making them feel much more secure in their work, and saving yourself a small fortune.

Struggling to stay connected

Staying connected with drivers isn’t easy They can't answer the phone to you, after all. Yet, smooth operations rely on strong communication. That's why you should also consider technologies which aid you in this area. Something as simple as a truck tracker could help here, as it will allow you to monitor where in their rounds each driver is at any given time. It's also worth investing in courier software which will enable them to check in after each drop and even contact the office directly whenever necessary. As simple as that, you can stay connected with even your most distant driving team.

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