Why Do People Uninstall Apps?

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After putting in the time and effort required to create a fantastic app, and a marketing push that encourages users to download that app, it may seem like the route to success is clear. However, many app developers and companies find themselves faced with one final hurdle: users download their app, then uninstall it soon afterwards. Here are a few of the most common reasons users uninstall apps.

#1 - Lack of space

Often, an app uninstall isn’t necessarily a reflection of the app itself - it’s more related to the fact that the user needs more storage space on their phone. However, it is advisable for developers to try and keep their apps as small as possible in order to make it more likely that their app can avoid storage-related deletions.

#2 - Disturbing the user experience

In-app notifications can be incredibly beneficial in terms of marketing, but for the user, they can often be seen as an irritation, potentially to the point that uninstalling the app seems to be the only option. To avoid this, keep in-app notifications to an absolute bare minimum.

#3 - A lengthy registration process

When users first download an app, they want to be able to use that app as quickly as possible. If the registration process is too long and arduous, then it can often seem easier - to the user - to simply delete the app and move on. Registrations should be quick and straightforward and, wherever possible, offer sign-in options from established platforms (such as Facebook or Google logins).

#4 - Security and privacy concerns

Finally, some users will uninstall an app that they believe may compromise their security and privacy. To find out more about common concerns in this regard, consider the infographic below…
Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham

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