Your eyes are typically under constant barrage and stress on a day to day basis. Everything from direct sunlight to poor lighting more
Posted on: 8/1/2017 - 6 min read
How To Not Burnout As A Programmer
Programmer burnout is a common occurrence in this day and age. And probably back in the day too. It's hard to imagine that people like more
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I Used A Standing Desk For 6 Months
Like many office workers, I had a long history of being a paper weight for office chairs. And I've tried all the chairs in life, believe more
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How To Be A Healthy Programmer In 2017
This is the year that you shed a few pounds, quit that stressful job or take that long awaited vacation in some remote island where your more
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Why Programming Can Take A Toll On Your Health
If you look at the top 10 healthiest jobs in the world, being a software developer won't be in the top 100. For obvious reasons. Mainly, more
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One Week With The Microsoft Band
The multi-platform Microsoft Band came out about a week ago in limited quantities and only in the US for now and irregardless of funds, I more