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Iterating through arrays in JavaScript
In this post we will go over the various ways that you can iterate through a given array in JavaScript.
Using 'debugger' to set breakpoints in JavaScript
What are breakpoints? Think of them as pauses that you can add to your code temporarily to see just what is happening at that point in time.
Creating a timer in JavaScript using setInterval
Performing certain tasks on a website every 'n' number of seconds can be very useful when trying to achieve certain effects, such as creating on-screen visible timers, polling for data or even counting down towards some event.
How to remove event handlers with removeEventListener()
removeEventListener() allows you to selectively remove any type of event from an element.
How the reduce() method works in JavaScript
One of the built-in Array methods that I rarely see used in production code is the relatively new (ES6) reduce() method.