When it comes to driving on the road this spring, it is important for us all to make sure we are safe and sound. Driving is a skill which takes a lot of work to get right, and once you are let loose on the road it is important that you take the time and expend the effort to be a safe driver. Today we are going to talk about some of the little things you can do to be a safe driver this year.

Don’t use your phone

Phones are the worst item for you to have in your possession in the car, and using one can severely damage your concentration on the road. Make sure that you take the time to turn your phone on silent and leave it in the car as you drive so that it doesn’t distract you. A cell phone ticket is not cheap and it is something which you can easily avoid getting this year.

Keep it clean

You might think that keeping your car clean is something which is purely to do with aesthetics, but in fact, it is important to keep your car clean for several reasons. The first reason to keep your car clean is to make sure the metal parts don’t start to rust and tarnish. This can damage the structural integrity of your car. Secondly, a dirty car with dirty windows is dangerous because you won’t have the same visibility as you would with another. It is important for you to make sure you can see where you and other road users are at all times.

Turn the music down

Music is great for road trips and it can make any car trip more fun and enjoyable. However music can also be super distracting if you have it on full blast all the way through your trip. It is important for you to turn down the music when you are driving in high risk areas or high traffic because it will allow you to focus solely on the road and this will make al the difference to you in the long term.

Check the lights

The lights of your car are incredibly important and they serve different purposes. Your headlights allow you to see clearly when driving at night; your indicator lights allow you to show people where you are going on the road; and your brake lights let other road users know when you are slowing down and stopping. It is crucial for these lights to always be working, and it is worth buying yourself a car lightbulb kit to keep with you in case of an emergency.

Fill up the tires

When driving, your tires are the only point of contact your car has with the ground. If the tires are under inflated or they don’t have a lot of tread, this can affect the way you are able to drive because the stability on the road will be lessened. Make sure before any long journey to check the car and be sure that it has good tires.

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