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Be a guest writer

I am always looking for interesting content in various fields of technology. If you have a story or guide or how-to article or anything that you would like to share to send me an email with a suggested topic or area of interest.

Who I'm looking for

Anyone with something interesting to say about programming and technology is welcomed to submit an article for publication.

You must have an online presence of some kind in order to submit however. That includes a personal blog, or if you have an organization of some kind, your companies blog, or even your portfolio website.

Essentially, something that let's me know that you are indeed a real human that knows a thing or two about technology.

What to write

Most articles on this blog typically are technical in nature, such as "how-to" do something in a particular programming language or a tutorial on a specific programming concept.

Essentially, something that helps somebody solve some issue when it comes to their programming life.

A few topic ideas could include:

- A guide on a how to do something in an area of your expertise
- Your experience in learning how to code
- A beginner's walk-through on a coding topic
- An interesting observation or quirk about a particular technology

Screenshots, diagrams, code samples and any visual assets that help make sense of the content are encouraged.

What not to write

Typically highly opinionated or one-sided articles are not considered as they don't typically tend to help as many people overall. These would include content like:

- Why I learned to code
- Why "insert language" is the best
- The top 10 programming languages
- etc

While these might have valid points, often times they end up turning into more personal stories and are too subjective in nature.

Sponsored posts

We do have sponsored post options for companies or individuals who would like to increase their visibility while sponsoring great content. Again, this is not a way to post an advert, rather a way for you to put your name to some great content for the readers.

Examples might be a company with a web performance tool sponsoring a series of articles about performance; an email service sponsoring an article about email design. Contact us if you would like to discuss this.


To maintain a standard with the rest of the material on the blog, here are a few guidelines to follow:

- 500 to 1000 words (or more)
- Submit only after heavily editing your content
- HTML is allowed
- No script tags please
- Limit linking to outside websites unless it is a reference to a resource that solidify's your point (, mdn, etc)
- No foul language (mostly)

If you are promoting a product, that is quite alright as long as the article is not fully about the promotion. For example, if you'd like to promote a book about JavaScript, that is fine as long as the article is technical in nature and more specifically about JavaScript.

** If you have no online presence and submit a 500 word Google Doc full of links to 3rd party sites, we will not review the content. It takes time to review, edit, convert and publish any article on this site and attempts at advertising in such ways are discouraged.

What you get

Here are a few benefits of sharing your story with the community on this site:

- Give your writing more exposure
- Link back to your blog or profile
- Practice your writing chops
- Any shared knowledge is always good knowledge

This blog is read by tens of thousands of developers every month and sharing your content could be a great way for you to build your own network.

Message me

If you have an idea for an article that you'd like to share, send me a message with the proposed headline and a line or two about the content.

Send me an email