My Tech Stack

There is alot of tech that goes into running this blog. Everything from servers, to relational databases, to NoSQL databases and plenty of other awesome libraries that I have encountered throughout the years.

This entire website is essentially a custom build .NET web application leveraging various Nuget packages and JS libraries.

Here is a running list of everything that makes this custom blog tick.


.Net Framework - I build this website using the .NET Framework, Web Forms to be exact.

C# - With .NET you have the option of several programming languages. I chose C# because I was already familiar with C++ and other C-style programming languages.

SQL Server - SQL Server is the relational database that stores much of the content for this site. Because it is a Microsoft product, it plays nicely with .NET and with C#.

IIS - What can I say about IIS. It stands for Internet Information Services, and it manages .NET compiled code and other web server related things. Complex stuff.

JavaScript libraries

jQuery - I still consider jQuery to be one of the best and most well maintained DOM selector libraries. Here's an article with more thoughts on that subject.

Ace editor - Ace Editor is the library that I use to render code snippets on each and every blog post. They support multiple programming languages and integration into any site is a relatively simple task.

CSS libraries

Animate.css - I don't typically rely on CSS libraries as this entire website is custom, but animate.css is just such a quick and easy library to implement when you want fluid animations.

Web Resources

FontAwesome - Quite possibly the easiest way to include icons into your web pages. But more importantly, they keep improving the performance and library with each and every release.

Google Fonts - While not the most standout and eye-catching fonts on the market (those are paid), Google Fonts still has something that you'll like. Everyone likes Roboto. I like 'Permanent Marker'. And you can mix and match to your liking.

Canva - I love Canva. Both for their free content and easy to use editor, but also from a developer standpoint. The website is just very well built and the UI/UX is some of the best that I've personally seen when it comes to graphic design.

There are probably more libraries that I've left out not on purpose. As I add more and more functionality to this blog, this page will continuously keep getting updated.