Technology is having an impact on just about every industry and sector out there right now, and the legal world is no different. How lawyers operate and how cases are put together and decided is changing a lot right now, and hopefully allowing for more efficient and judicious outcomes. Here are some of the ways in which tech is currently changing our legal systems.

Advanced Forensic Testing

Forensic testing is a huge part of what makes cases successful these days. It’s so easy to pinpoint a person’s presence at a scene based on the most microscopic DNA fragments. Even just a few years ago, what’s achievable today would have been completely unimaginable. The advances in forensics now make it possible for trials to be smoother and less confusing for jury members. That can only be a good thing for everyone involved in a legal process.

Digital Evidence

Thanks to the way in which most of us now live a significant part of our lives online and leaving a digital trail, it’s possible to track that data and use it in court cases. This digital evidence is being used in court and being used to convict or exonerate people more commonly than ever before. And it seems like this is somHething that’s only going to increase and become more common in the future.

Witness Software

Obviously, witnesses are vital in any legal case. They offer vital evidence and testimony, and there are often many witnesses that need to participate in a case. The advent of witness software allows lawyers and prosecutors to track witnesses and make sure that they have what they need from them as they prepare for trials and court appearances. It’s a huge help in many cases that reach courtrooms.

Data Management

Data is a huge part of running any business successfully these days, but it’s massively important for lawyers and legal professionals when dealing with lots of information relating to a case. Keeping it all together in one place makes using it and interpreting it much easier. And security is just as important because if that stuff leaks out, it’ll be massively damaging. The latest software sorts all that out.

Chatbots for Law Firms

Many law firms now use chatbots on their website. These can be used in many ways, from giving people basic information to assessing whether their case is worth pursuing. The more advanced the technology behind online chatbots get, the better they’ll be at helping out potential clients and saving time for the legal professionals themselves. Of course, some people will always prefer to talk directly to a human, but people are quickly getting used to chatbot interactions.

Change is natural has new technologies emerge, and these examples all offer ways for the legal profession to achieve more and do more for clients, as well as allowing courts to serve justice along the way. That can only be a good thing for everyone because anyone can find themselves at the mercy of the legal system one day.

Walter G. is a software engineer, startup co-founder, former CTO of several tech companies and currently teaches programming for a coding bootcamp. He has been blogging for the past 5 years and is an avid BMX rider, bio-hacker and performance enthusiast.
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